verb \ˌrē-də-ˈrekt, ˌrē-(ˌ)dī-\

: to change the path or direction of (something)

: to use (something) for a different purpose

: to send (a letter or package) to a new mailing address

Full Definition of REDIRECT

transitive verb
:  to change the course or direction of
re·di·rec·tion \-ˈrek-shən\ noun

Examples of REDIRECT

  1. They dug trenches near the river to redirect the flow of the water.
  2. Traffic will be redirected to avoid downtown.
  3. Visitors to the old Web site address are redirected automatically to the new one.
  4. I tried to redirect their attention to the other painting.
  5. It's time to redirect your energy to your homework.

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