adjective reck·less \ˈre-kləs\

: not showing proper concern about the possible bad results of your actions

Full Definition of RECKLESS

:  marked by lack of proper caution :  careless of consequences
:  irresponsible <reckless charges>
reck·less·ly adverb
reck·less·ness noun

Examples of RECKLESS

  1. He is a wild and reckless young man.
  2. He showed a reckless disregard for the safety of others.
  3. He spends money with reckless abandon.

First Known Use of RECKLESS

before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of RECKLESS

adventurous, venturesome, daring, daredevil, rash, reckless, foolhardy mean exposing oneself to danger more than required by good sense. adventurous implies a willingness to accept risks but not necessarily imprudence <adventurous pioneers>. venturesome implies eagerness for perilous undertakings <venturesome stunt pilots>. daring implies fearlessness in courting danger <daring mountain climbers>. daredevil stresses ostentation in daring <daredevil motorcyclists>. rash suggests imprudence and lack of forethought <a rash decision>. reckless implies heedlessness of probable consequences <a reckless driver>. foolhardy suggests a lack of good sense <the foolhardy sailor ventured into the storm>.

Rhymes with RECKLESS

RECKLESSNESS Defined for Kids


adjective reck·less \ˈre-kləs\

Definition of RECKLESS for Kids

:  showing lack of caution :  engaging in wild careless behavior
reck·less·ly adverb
reck·less·ness noun


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