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Simple Definition of queen–size

  • of a bed : having a size of about 60 inches by 80 inches (about 1.5 by 1.9 meters)

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of queen–size

  1. 1 :  having dimensions of approximately 60 by 80 inches (about 1.5 by 2.0 meters) —used of a bed — compare full-size, king-size, twin-size

  2. 2 :  of a size that fits a queen-size bed <a queen–size sheet>


First Known Use of queen–size


Rhymes with queen–size

abscise, advise, apprise, apprize, arise, assize, baptize, bite-size, breadthwise, capsize, chastise, clockwise, coastwise, cognize, comprise, crabwise, crack wise, crosswise, demise, despise, devise, disguise, disprize, door prize, downsize, earthrise, edgewise, emprise, endwise, excise, fanwise, franchise, full-size, grecize, high-rise, incise, king-size, leastwise, lengthwise, Levi's, life-size, likewise, low-rise, man-size, mid-rise, midsize, misprize, moonrise, nowise, outsize, piecewise, pint-size, premise, quantize, remise, reprise, revise, rightsize, slantwise, streetwise, stylize, suffice, sunrise, surmise, surprise, trim size, twin-size, unwise, uprise

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