put down

put down


Definition of PUT DOWN

transitive verb
:  to bring to an end :  stop <put down a riot>
a :  depose, degrade
b :  disparage, belittle <mentioned his poetry only to put it down>
c :  disapprove, criticize <was put down for the way she dressed>
d :  humiliate, squelch <put him down with a sharp retort>
:  to make ineffective :  check <put down the gossip>
:  to do away with (as an injured, sick, or aged animal) :  destroy
a :  to put in writing
b :  to enter in a list
a :  to place in a category <I put him down as a hypochondriac — O. S. J. Gogarty>
b :  attribute <put it down to inexperience>
:  to pack or preserve for future use
:  consume <putting down helping after helping — Carson McCullers>
put down roots
:  to establish a permanent residence

Examples of PUT DOWN

  1. <he has the annoying habit of putting down others under the guise of offering constructive criticism>
  2. <we had the whole agreement put down on paper>

First Known Use of PUT DOWN

14th century


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