noun, pump·kin often attributive \ˈpəm(p)-kən, ÷ˈpəŋ-kən\

Definition of PUMPKIN

a :  a fruit of any of various cultivars of herbaceous plants (Cucurbita pepo, C. maxima, C. moschata, and C. mixta syn. C. argyrosperma) of the gourd family that is typically round and orange but may be another color or shape, that has a hard usually smooth skin with shallow longitudinal grooves, and that is grown for ornamental use or for its fibrous pale flesh used especially in baking or as feed for livestock
b :  any of several annual chiefly trailing American plants that bear pumpkins
:  a strong orange color

Origin of PUMPKIN

alteration of earlier pumpion, modification of French popon, pompon melon, pumpkin, from Latin pepon-, pepo, from Greek pepōn, from pepōn ripened; akin to Greek pessein to cook, ripen — more at cook
First Known Use: 1654

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PUMPKINS Defined for Kids


noun pump·kin \ˈpəmp-kən\

Definition of PUMPKIN for Kids

:  a usually large round orange fruit of a vine related to the squash and cucumber that is used for food or decoration
Medical Dictionary


noun pump·kin \ˈpəm(p)-kən\

Medical Definition of PUMPKIN

:  the usually round orange fruit of a vine (Cucurbita pepo) of the gourd family that is widely cultivated as food and is the source of pepo


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