adjective \-ˈpe-lənt\

Definition of PROPELLANT

:  capable of propelling

Variants of PROPELLANT

pro·pel·lant also pro·pel·lent \-ˈpe-lənt\

First Known Use of PROPELLANT


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: a gas under pressure in a can that is used to spray out the contents when the pressure is released

: a fuel or an explosive substance that is used to make something (such as a rocket) go forward

Full Definition of PROPELLANT

:  something that propels: as
a :  an explosive for propelling projectiles
b :  fuel plus oxidizer used by a rocket engine
c :  a gas kept under pressure in a bottle or can for expelling the contents when the pressure is released

Variants of PROPELLANT

propellant also propellent

First Known Use of PROPELLANT


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