noun \prō-ˈlaps, ˈprō-ˌ\

medical : a condition in which an organ in your body moves down below its normal position

Full Definition of PROLAPSE

:  the falling down or slipping of a body part from its usual position or relations

Origin of PROLAPSE

New Latin prolapsus, from Late Latin, fall, from Latin prolabi to fall or slide forward, from pro- forward + labi to slide — more at pro-, sleep
First Known Use: circa 1834

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verb \prō-ˈlaps\

Definition of PROLAPSE

intransitive verb
:  to undergo prolapse

First Known Use of PROLAPSE



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Protrusion of an internal organ out of its normal place, usually of the rectum or uterus outside the body when supporting muscles weaken. The membrane lining the rectum can push out through the anus, most often in old people with constipation who strain during defecation. Chronic rectal prolapse requires surgical repair. The uterus may prolapse into the vagina after gravity adds to weakness from childbirth injuries. Temporary supports and pelvic exercises can relieve mild uterine prolapse, but severe prolapse may require hysterectomy.


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