adjective \ˈpreg-nənt\

of a woman or female animal : having a baby or babies developing inside the body

: filled with meaning or emotion because of what is going to happen or be said

Full Definition of PREGNANT

archaic :  cogent
:  abounding in fancy, wit, or resourcefulness :  inventive <all this has been said … by great and pregnant artists — Times Literary Supplement>
:  rich in significance or implication <the pregnant phrases of the Bible — Edmund Wilson> <a pregnant pause>
:  containing a developing embryo, fetus, or unborn offspring within the body :  gravid
:  having possibilities of development or consequence :  involving important issues :  momentous <draw inspiration from the heroic achievements of that pregnant age — Kemp Malone>
obsolete :  inclined, disposed <your own most pregnant and vouchsafed ear — Shakespeare>
:  full, teeming
preg·nant·ly adverb

Examples of PREGNANT

  1. She got pregnant soon after her marriage.
  2. There was a pregnant pause before the winner was announced.

Origin of PREGNANT

Middle English, from Latin praegnant-, praegnans carrying a fetus, alteration of praegnas, from prae- pre- + -gnas (akin to gignere to give birth to) — more at kin
First Known Use: 14th century

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adjective \ˈpreg-nənt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of PREGNANT

: containing a developing embryo, fetus, or unborn offspring within the body : gestating, gravid


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