noun \ˈpa-ˌwa\

: a social gathering of Native Americans that usually includes dancing

: a meeting for people to discuss something

Full Definition of POWWOW

:  an American Indian medicine man
a :  an American Indian ceremony (as for victory in war)
b :  an American Indian social gathering or fair usually including competitive dancing
a :  a social get-together
b :  a meeting for discussion

Examples of POWWOW

  1. We'll talk about vacation plans at the family powwow.
  2. <all the departments met for a brief powwow after lunch>

Origin of POWWOW

Narragansett powwaw or Massachusett pauwau
First Known Use: 1624



Definition of POWWOW

intransitive verb
:  to hold a powwow

Examples of POWWOW

  1. <civic leaders powwowed for hours trying to resolve the issue>

First Known Use of POWWOW



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

American Indian ceremony or gathering of various kinds. Powwows originally were healing ceremonies, but the word could also refer to exuberant celebrations, with dancing and singing, of success in hunting or victory in battle. Meetings of tribal councils were also called powwows. Today the word is used for large-scale Indian social gatherings, often representing more than one tribe, with traditional drumming, singing, and dancing. Modern powwows draw tourists as well as participants, and craft items and souvenirs are offered for sale.


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