noun \ˈpō-tən(t)-sē\

: the power to influence someone

: the strength or effectiveness of something

: the ability of a man to have sex

plural po·ten·cies

Full Definition of POTENCY

a :  force, power
b :  the quality or state of being potent
c :  the ability or capacity to achieve or bring about a particular result
:  potentiality 1

Examples of POTENCY

  1. The drug can improve sexual potency.
  2. <vitamins of high potency that should be taken only in the proper dosage>

First Known Use of POTENCY

15th century


noun \ˈpōt-ən-sē\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural po·ten·cies

Medical Definition of POTENCY

: the quality or state of being potent: as a : chemical or medicinal strength or efficacy <a drug's potency> b : the ability to copulate—usually used of the male c : initial inherent capacity for development of a particular kind <cells with a potency for eye formation>


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