noun, often attributive \ˈpləm\

: a round, juicy fruit that has red or purple skin, sweet yellow flesh, and a hard seed at the center

: something that many people want or think is very good

: a dark reddish-purple color

Full Definition of PLUM

:  any of various trees and shrubs (genus Prunus) of the rose family with globular to oval smooth-skinned edible fruits that are drupes with oblong seeds; also :  the fruit
:  any of various trees with edible fruits resembling plums; also :  the fruit
a :  a raisin when used in desserts
b :  sugarplum
:  something superior or very desirable; especially :  something desirable given in return for a favor
:  a dark reddish purple
plum·like \-ˌlīk\ adjective

Examples of PLUM

  1. a bowl of peaches and plums
  2. Dried plums are also called prunes.
  3. That deal is a real plum for the contractor.

Origin of PLUM

Middle English, from Old English plūme, modification of Latin prunum plum, from Greek proumnon
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Food Terms

Reuben, calamari, chuck, curry, edamame, foie gras, hummus, leaven, nonpareil, peel


geographical name \ˈpləm\

Definition of PLUM

borough SW Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh pop 27,126


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of various trees in the genus Prunus of the rose family, and their edible fruits. In the U.S. and Europe, plums are the most extensively distributed of the stone (drupe) fruits, most varied in native and cultivated kinds, and most adapted to a wide range of soils and climatic conditions. The fruits show a wide range of size, flavour, colour, and texture. They are widely eaten fresh, cooked, or baked in pastries. In full bloom, plum trees are covered with densely packed, showy flower clusters. The smooth-skinned fruit has a fleshy, juicy exterior and a hard interior stone or pit. Plum varieties that can be or have been dried without resulting in fermentation are called prunes.


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