noun \pə-ˈmen-(ˌ)tō, pəm-ˈyen-\

: a type of small, mildly sweet pepper

plural pi·mien·tos

Full Definition of PIMIENTO

:  any of various bluntly conical thick-fleshed sweet peppers of European origin that have a distinctive mild sweet flavor and are used especially as a garnish, as a stuffing for olives, and as a source of paprika
:  a plant that bears pimientos

Origin of PIMIENTO

Spanish from pimienta
First Known Use: 1843


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of various mild peppers of the genus Capsicum that have distinctive flavour but lack pungency, including the European paprikas. A common flavouring in Hungarian dishes, paprika is made by grinding dried peppers. The term pimento sometimes refers to allspice because early Spanish explorers of the West Indies and Central America mistook the highly aromatic berries of the tropical allspice tree for a type of pepper and called it pimenta.

Variants of PIMIENTO

pimiento or pimento


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