adjective pic·tur·esque \ˌpik-chə-ˈresk\

: very pretty or charming : like a painted picture

: telling about something in a way that makes it very easy to imagine : causing someone to have a very clear mental picture of something

Full Definition of PICTURESQUE

a :  resembling a picture :  suggesting a painted scene
b :  charming or quaint in appearance
:  evoking mental images :  vivid
pic·tur·esque·ly adverb
pic·tur·esque·ness noun


  1. The view of the mountains was very picturesque.
  2. <wrote a picturesque tale of their journey across the country>


French & Italian; French pittoresque, from Italian pittoresco, from pittore painter, from Latin pictor, from pingere
First Known Use: 1703

Synonym Discussion of PICTURESQUE

graphic, vivid, picturesque mean giving a clear visual impression in words. graphic stresses the evoking of a clear lifelike picture <a graphic account of combat>. vivid suggests an impressing on the mind of the vigorous aliveness of something <a vivid re-creation of an exciting event>. picturesque suggests the presentation of a striking or effective picture composed of features notable for their distinctness and charm <a picturesque account of his travels>.
PICTURESQUE Defined for Kids


adjective pic·tur·esque \ˌpik-chə-ˈresk\

Definition of PICTURESQUE for Kids

:  suggesting a painted scene in being very pretty or charming <a picturesque mountain view>


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