noun pick·up \ˈpik-ˌəp\

: a small truck that has an open back with low sides

: the act of going somewhere to get a person or thing that you will then take to another place

: an increase in activity

Full Definition of PICKUP

:  one that is picked up: as
a :  a hitchhiker who is given a ride
b :  a temporary chance acquaintance
c :  a player acquired from another team
:  the act or process of picking up: as
a :  a revival of business activity
b :  acceleration
c :  the act or technique of making the acquaintance of a previously unknown person especially for amorous purposes
:  the conversion of mechanical movements into electrical impulses in the reproduction of sound; also :  a device (as on a phonograph) for making such conversion
a :  the reception of sound or an image into a radio or television transmitting apparatus for conversion into electrical signals
b :  a device (as a microphone or a television camera) for converting sound or the image of a scene into electrical signals
:  a light truck having an enclosed cab and an open body with low sides and tailgate —called also pickup truck
:  a pickup game <playing pickup>

Examples of PICKUP

  1. The fee pays for garbage pickup.
  2. The school bus was late for its afternoon pickup.
  3. The truck is scheduled to make a pickup today.

First Known Use of PICKUP


Other Audio Recording Terms

baffle, dub, fidelity, transcription, treble

Rhymes with PICKUP

act up, add up, backup, back up, balls-up, ball up, bang-up, bear up, beat-up, belt up, bid up, blowup, blow up, bone up, bound up, breakup, break up, bring up, brush up, buck up, buildup, build up, built-up, bulk up, bung up, buy up, call-up, catch-up, chalk up, checkup, chin-up, choose up, clam up, cleanup, clean up, close-up, cock-up, come up, cough up, crack-up, cry up, curl up, cutup, cut up, dial-up, dig up, doll up, do up, draw up, dream up, dress up, dried-up, drive-up, drum up, dry up, dustup, eggcup, eyecup, faceup, face up, fed up, feel up, fetch up, fill-up, fix up, flare-up, foul-up, foul up, frame-up, fry-up, gang up, gear up, getup, get up, give up, go up, grade up, grown-up, grow up, hand up, hang-up, hang up, hard up, heads-up, hepped up, het up, hiccup, hitch up, holdup, hold up, hole up, hookup, hook up, hopped-up, hot up, hung up, hyped-up, jack-up, jam-up, juice up, keep up, kickup, kick up, kingcup, knock up, lash-up, lead-up, leg up, letup, let up, lie up, line up, linkup, lit up, lockup, lookup, look up, louse up, made-up, makeup, make up, markup, matchup, mix-up, mixed-up, mock-up, mop-up, muck up, mug up, nip-up, one-up, pass up, pasteup, pay up, pick up, pileup, pinup, pipe up, play up, pop-up, post up, press-up, pull-up, pump up, punch-up, push-up, put-up, rack up, rake up, re-up, ring up, roll up, roundup, round up, rub up, run-up, scare up, screwup, screw up, send-up, setup, set up, sew up, shack up, shake-up, shape-up, shape up, shook-up, shoot up, show up, shut up, sign up, sit-up, size up, slap-up, slipup, slip up, smashup, souped-up, soup up, speak up, speedup, spiffed-up, spit up, stack up, stand-up, start-up, steam up, step up, stepped-up, stickup, stick up, stink up, strike up, stuck-up, sum up, sunup, tag up, take up, talk up, tart up, teacup, tear up, throw up, thumbs-up, tie-up, top up, toss-up, touch-up, trade up, trumped-up, tune-up, turn up, use up, wait up, walk-up, warm-up, washed-up, washup, windup, wised-up, workup, work up, wrap-up, write-up



: organized informally with people who are available or nearby at the time

: of or relating to the act of trying to meet strangers in order to have brief sexual relationships with them

Full Definition of PICKUP

:  utilizing or comprising local or available personnel especially without formal organization <a pickup basketball game> <a pickup band>

Examples of PICKUP

  1. He plays with pickup bands at nightclubs.
  2. What's the pickup scene like in this city?

First Known Use of PICKUP



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