pick up


Definition of PICK UP

transitive verb
a :  to take hold of and lift up
b :  to gather together :  collect <picked up all the pieces>
c :  to clean up :  tidy
:  to take (passengers or freight) into a vehicle
a :  to acquire casually or by chance <picked up a valuable antique at an auction>
b :  to acquire by study or experience :  learn <picking up a great deal of knowledge in the process — Robert Schleicher>
c :  to obtain especially by payment :  buy <picked up some groceries>
d :  to acquire (a player) especially from another team through a trade or by financial recompense
e :  to accept for the purpose of paying <offered to pick up the tab>
f :  to come down with :  catch <picked up a cold>
g :  gain, earn <picked up a few yards on the last play> <picked up her first victory>
a :  to enter informally into conversation or companionship with (a previously unknown person) <had a brief affair with a girl he picked up in a bar>
b :  to take into custody <the police picked up the fugitive>
a :  to catch sight of :  perceive <picked up the harbor lights>
b :  to come to and follow <picked up the outlaw's trail>
c :  to bring within range of sight or hearing <pick up distant radio signals>
d :  understand, catch <didn't pick up the hint>
a :  revive
b :  increase
:  to resume after a break :  continue <pick up the discussion tomorrow>
:  to assume responsibility for guarding (an opponent) in an athletic contest
intransitive verb
:  to recover or increase speed, vigor, or activity :  improve <after the strike, business picked up> <the wind began to pick up>
:  to put things in order <was always picking up after her>
:  to pack up one's belongings <couldn't just pick up and leave>
pick up on
a :  understand, appreciate
b :  to become aware of :  notice
:  to adopt as one's own :  take up

Examples of PICK UP

  1. <he has a knack for picking up a language in a few weeks>
  2. <pick up all of your things because we have to be off this beach before dark>

First Known Use of PICK UP

14th century
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