noun pheas·ant \ˈfe-zənt\

: a large bird that has a long tail and is often hunted for food or sport

: the meat of the pheasant eaten as food

plural pheasant or pheasants

Full Definition of PHEASANT

:  any of numerous large often long-tailed and brightly colored Old World gallinaceous birds (Phasianus and related genera of the family Phasianidae) including many raised as ornamental or game birds — compare ring-necked pheasant
:  any of various birds resembling a pheasant

Origin of PHEASANT

Middle English fesaunt, from Anglo-French fesant, faisan, from Latin phasianus, from Greek (ornis) phasianos, from phasianos of the Phasis River, from Phasis, river in Colchis
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with PHEASANT

PHEASANTS Defined for Kids


noun pheas·ant \ˈfe-zənt\

Definition of PHEASANT for Kids

:  a large brightly colored bird with a long tail that is related to the chicken and is sometimes hunted for food or sport
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