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per mill

adverb \(ˌ)pər-ˈmil\

Definition of per mill

  1. :  per thousand


play \(ˌ)pər-ˈmi-lij\ noun

Origin and Etymology of per mill

per + Latin mille thousand

First Known Use: 1721

Rhymes with per mill

anthill, at will, backfill, ball mill, bluegill, Brazil, breast drill, cranesbill, crossbill, de Mille, dentil, de-skill, distill, doorsill, downhill, duckbill, dullsville, dunghill, fire drill, foothill, freewill, free will, gin mill, goodwill, gristmill, handbill, hawksbill, hornbill, Huntsville, ill will, instill, Knoxville, lambkill, landfill, limekiln, manille, McGill, Melville, mixed grill, molehill, mudsill, Nashville, no-till, pep pill, playbill, pot still, pug mill, quadrille, red squill, refill, roadkill, sawmill, Schuylkill, self-will, Seville, sheathbill, shoebill, show bill, sidehill, sigil, spadille, spoonbill, stabile, standstill, stock-still, storksbill, T-bill, treadmill, true bill, twin bill, twist drill, until, uphill, vaudeville, waxbill, waybill, windchill, windmill, Zangwill

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