noun \ˈpa-trə-nij, ˈpā-\

: money and support that is given to an artist, organization, etc.

: support that is given to a business, library, etc., by buying its goods or using its services

: the power to give jobs or provide other help to people as a reward for their support

Full Definition of PATRONAGE

:  advowson
:  the support or influence of a patron
:  kindness done with an air of superiority
:  business or activity provided by patrons <the new branch library is expected to have a heavy patronage>
a :  the power to make appointments to government jobs especially for political advantage
b :  the distribution of jobs on the basis of patronage
c :  jobs distributed by patronage

Examples of PATRONAGE

  1. The college relied on the patronage of its wealthy graduates to expand its funds.
  2. They thanked her for her patronage of the new hospital.
  3. The city should do more to encourage patronage of local businesses.
  4. a system of political patronage

First Known Use of PATRONAGE

14th century


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