patron saint

patron saint


: a saint who is believed to protect a particular place or type of person

: a person who is known or admired as a leader or example

Full Definition of PATRON SAINT

:  a saint to whose protection and intercession a person, a society, a church, or a place is dedicated
:  an original leader or prime exemplar

Examples of PATRON SAINT

  1. St. David is the patron saint of Wales.
  2. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.
  3. The success of her books has made her the patron saint of a new literary movement.

First Known Use of PATRON SAINT


patron saint

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Saint to whose protection and intercession a person, society, church, place, profession, or activity is dedicated. The choice is usually made on the basis of some real or presumed relationship (e.g., St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland because he is credited with introducing Christianity there).


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