adjective \ˈpast\

: having existed in a time before the present : from, done, or used in an earlier time

—used to refer to a time that has gone by recently

—used to say what someone or something was in the past

Full Definition of PAST

a :  ago <12 years past>
b :  just gone or elapsed <for the past few months>
:  having existed or taken place in a period before the present :  bygone
:  of, relating to, or constituting a verb tense that is expressive of elapsed time and that in English is usually formed by internal vowel change (as in sang) or by the addition of a suffix (as in laughed)
:  having served as a specified officer in an organization <past president>

Examples of PAST

  1. She was hired based on her past experience in sales.
  2. <a past editor of the newspaper>

Origin of PAST

Middle English, from past participle of passen to pass
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with PAST



: at the farther side of (something) : beyond (a particular place)

: up to and beyond (a person or place)

: later than (a time)

Full Definition of PAST

a :  beyond the age for or of <past playing with dolls>
b :  after <half past two>
a :  at the farther side of :  beyond
b :  in a course or direction going close to and then beyond <drove past the house>
obsolete :  more than
:  beyond the capacity, range, or sphere of <past belief>

Examples of PAST

  1. The office is two blocks past the intersection.
  2. Turn left just past the stairs.
  3. We drove past the house.
  4. I must have walked right past her.
  5. He looked past me to the next customer.

First Known Use of PAST

14th century

Related to PAST

over, beyond
afore [chiefly dialect], ahead of, before, ere, of, previous to, prior to, to



: an earlier time : the time before the present

: the events of a person's life, of a place, etc., before the present time

Full Definition of PAST

a :  time gone by
b :  something that happened or was done in the past <regret the past>
a :  the past tense of a language
b :  a verb form in the past tense
:  a past life, history, or course of action; especially :  one that is kept secret
past·less \ˈpas(t)-ləs\ adjective

Examples of PAST

  1. Past, present, and future are all linked together.
  2. The past of walk is walked.

First Known Use of PAST




: to and beyond a certain point or time

Full Definition of PAST

:  so as to reach and go beyond a point near at hand <drove past>

Examples of PAST

  1. Several weeks went past before we heard from her.

First Known Use of PAST



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