noun par·ty \ˈpär-tē\

: a social event in which entertainment, food, and drinks are provided

: an organization of people who have similar political beliefs and ideas and who work to have their members elected to positions in the government

law : a person who is involved in a legal case or contract

plural parties

Full Definition of PARTY

:  a person or group taking one side of a question, dispute, or contest
:  a group of persons organized for the purpose of directing the policies of a government
:  a person or group participating in an action or affair <a mountain-climbing party> <a party to the transaction>
:  a particular individual :  person <an old party approaching 80>
:  a detail of soldiers
:  a social gathering; also :  the entertainment provided for it
party adjective

Examples of PARTY

  1. We are having a party.
  2. a high school dance party
  3. Were you invited to her party?
  4. Our New Year's Eve party was a huge success.
  5. political parties with opposing agendas
  6. The senator is loyal to his party.
  7. the two parties in the marriage contract
  8. The parties in the lawsuit reached a settlement.

Origin of PARTY

Middle English partie part, party, from Anglo-French, from partir to divide — more at part
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with PARTY



: to have a party or be involved in a party : to spend enjoyable time eating, drinking, dancing, etc., with a group of people


Full Definition of PARTY

intransitive verb
:  to attend or give parties; broadly :  revel 1
par·ty·er also par·ti·er \-tē-ər\ noun

Examples of PARTY

  1. He spent the weekend partying with his friends.

First Known Use of PARTY

PARTYER Defined for Kids


noun par·ty \ˈpär-tē\
plural par·ties

Definition of PARTY for Kids

:  a social gathering or the entertainment provided for it
:  a person or group concerned in some action <He's a party to the lawsuit.> <A search party was formed.>
:  a group of people who take one side of a question or share a set of beliefs <a political party>


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