adjective par·tic·u·lar \pə(r)-ˈti-kyə-lər, -k(ə-)lər\

—used to indicate that one specific person or thing is being referred to and no others

: special or more than usual

: having very definite opinions about what is good or acceptable

Full Definition of PARTICULAR

:  of, relating to, or being a single person or thing <the particular person I had in mind>
obsolete :  partial
:  of, relating to, or concerned with details <gave us a very particular account of the trip>
a :  distinctive among other examples or cases of the same general category :  notably unusual <suffered from measles of particular severity>
b :  being one unit or element among others <particular incidents in a story>
a :  denoting an individual member or subclass in logic
b :  affirming or denying a predicate to a part of the subject —used of a proposition in logic <“some men are wise” is a particular affirmative>
a :  concerned over or attentive to details :  meticulous <a very particular gardener>
b :  nice in taste :  fastidious
c :  hard to please :  exacting

Examples of PARTICULAR

  1. The computer program will be of particular interest to teachers.
  2. Pay particular attention to the poet's choice of words.
  3. Our teacher is very particular when it comes to punctuation.


Middle English particuler, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin particularis, from Latin particula small part
First Known Use: 14th century



: a specific detail or piece of information

Full Definition of PARTICULAR

archaic :  a separate part of a whole
a :  an individual fact, point, circumstance, or detail <a hero in every particular — Ron Fimrite>
b :  a specific item or detail of information —usually used in plural <wanted to know all the particulars of the incident> <bill of particulars>
a :  an individual or a specific subclass (as in logic) falling under some general concept or term
b :  a particular proposition in logic
in particular
:  in distinction from others :  specifically

Examples of PARTICULAR

  1. They wanted to know the facts down to every particular.
  2. <requested a bill of particulars for the care he received in the hospital>

First Known Use of PARTICULAR

15th century


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