noun \ˈat-ˌpt\

: the amount of something that is produced by a person or thing

: something (such as power, energy, or information) that is produced by a machine or system

: the place at which information, power, etc., comes out of a machine or system

Full Definition of OUTPUT

:  something produced: as
a :  mineral, agricultural, or industrial production <steel output>
b :  mental or artistic production <literary output>
c :  the amount produced by a person in a given time
d :  power or energy produced or delivered by a machine or system (as for storage or for conversion in kind or in characteristics) <generator output> <solar X-ray output>
e :  the information produced by a computer
:  the act, process, or an instance of producing
:  the terminal for the output on an electrical device

Examples of OUTPUT

  1. stars with large energy outputs
  2. The computer's output is shown on this screen.
  3. outputs of up to 400 watts
  4. the television's video and audio outputs

First Known Use of OUTPUT

circa 1858

Other Electrical Engineering Terms

feedback, fuse, incandescent, noise, resonance



: to produce and send out (something, such as information)

out·put·ted or outputout·put·ting

Full Definition of OUTPUT

transitive verb
:  to produce as output

Examples of OUTPUT

  1. Computers output data very quickly.

First Known Use of OUTPUT


Other Computer-Related Terms

adware, flash, kludge, phishing, recursive, router


noun \ˈat-ˌpt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of OUTPUT

: the amount of energy or matter discharged usually within a specified time by a bodily system or organ <renal output> <urinary output>—see cardiac output


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