adjective \ˈr-thə-ˌdäks\

: accepted as true or correct by most people : supporting or believing what most people think is true

: accepting and closely following the traditional beliefs and customs of a religion

Orthodox : of or relating to the Orthodox Church

Full Definition of ORTHODOX

a :  conforming to established doctrine especially in religion
b :  conventional
capitalized :  of, relating to, or constituting any of various conservative religious or political groups: as
a :  eastern orthodox
b :  of or relating to Orthodox Judaism
or·tho·dox·ly adverb

Examples of ORTHODOX

  1. He took an orthodox approach to the problem.
  2. She believes in the benefits of both orthodox medicine and alternative medicine.
  3. He is a very orthodox Muslim.
  4. I attend an Eastern Orthodox church.
  5. My grandmother is Russian Orthodox.

Origin of ORTHODOX

Middle English orthodoxe, from Middle French or Late Latin; Middle French orthodoxe, from Late Latin orthodoxus, from Late Greek orthodoxos, from Greek orth- + doxa opinion — more at doxology
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Jewish Religion Terms

Talmud, Zion, challah, dybbuk, kosher, tabernacle, tetragrammaton, yarmulke


plural orthodox also or·tho·dox·es

Definition of ORTHODOX

:  one that is orthodox
capitalized :  a member of an Eastern Orthodox church

First Known Use of ORTHODOX


Other Christian Religious Terms

Pentateuch, blasphemy, curate, doxology, eremite, iconoclasm, liturgy, orison, pneuma, reliquary


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