adjective \ō-ˈpāk\

: not letting light through : not transparent

: difficult to understand or explain

Full Definition of OPAQUE

:  blocking the passage of radiant energy and especially light :  exhibiting opacity (see opacity)
a :  hard to understand or explain <opaque prose>
b :  obtuse, thickheaded
opaque noun
opaque·ly adverb
opaque·ness noun

Examples of OPAQUE

  1. the opaque water of the muddy river
  2. <somehow listeners seem to connect with the songwriter, despite his deeply personal, often opaque lyrics>
  3. In the opening hour, a group of strangers receive a maddeningly opaque cell-phone summons to join a secret cross-country race with a $32 million prize. The thing is, the summons can also be a threat (one competitor's wife is possibly being help captive), and the consequences of falling behind are murderous. —Tom Gliatto, People, 23 Apr. 2007

Origin of OPAQUE

Latin opacus (see opacity)
First Known Use: 1641


adjective \ō-ˈpāk\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of OPAQUE

: exhibiting opacity : not pervious to radiant energy
opaque·ness noun


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