noun \ˈnim(p)f\

in stories : a spirit in the shape of a young woman who lives in mountains, forests, meadows, and water

: a young insect that has almost the same form as the adult

Full Definition of NYMPH

:  any of the minor divinities of nature in classical mythology represented as beautiful maidens dwelling in the mountains, forests, trees, and waters
:  girl
:  any of various immature insects; especially :  a larva of an insect (as a grasshopper, true bug, or mayfly) with incomplete metamorphosis that differs from the imago especially in size and in its incompletely developed wings and genitalia
nymph·al \ˈnim(p)-fəl\ adjective

Examples of NYMPH

  1. <she bought the book of fairy tales for the beautiful engravings of nymphs and fairies featured between the stories>
  2. <the neighborhood nymphs were gathered at the local pizza parlor, checking out the hot guys>

Origin of NYMPH

Middle English nimphe, from Middle French, from Latin nympha bride, nymph, from Greek nymphē — more at nuptial
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Insect Terms

drone, entomology, gadfly, pismire, proboscis, vespine


noun \ˈnim(p)f\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of NYMPH

: any of various hemimetabolous insects in an immature stage and especially a late larva (as of a true bug) in which rudiments of the wings and genitalia are present; broadly : any insect larva that differs chiefly in size and degree of differentiation from the imago
: a mite or tick in the first eight-legged form that immediately follows the last larval molt
: a nymphal stage in the life cycle of an insect or acarid
nymph·al \ˈnim(p)-fəl\ adjective


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