verb \ˈnəj\

: to touch or push (someone or something) gently

: to push (someone) gently with your elbow in order to get that person's attention

: to encourage (someone) to do something


Full Definition of NUDGE

transitive verb
:  to touch or push gently; especially :  to seek the attention of by a push of the elbow
:  to prod lightly :  urge into action
:  approach <its circulation is nudging the four million mark — Bennett Cerf>
intransitive verb
:  to give a nudge
nudge noun
nudg·er noun

Examples of NUDGE

  1. I nudged the plate closer to him.
  2. The guard nudged the prisoner forward.
  3. The dog nudged the ball with his nose.
  4. He nudged me and pointed to the deer.
  5. The salesman nudged her into testing out the car.
  6. Album sales are nudging the one million mark.
  7. The price of gold has nudged a little higher.

Origin of NUDGE

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1675


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