adjective \ˈnüd, ˈnyüd\

: having no clothes on

: of or involving people who have no clothes on

: having the color of a white person's skin


Full Definition of NUDE

:  lacking something essential especially to legal validity <a nude contract>
a :  devoid of a natural or conventional covering; especially :  not covered by clothing or a drape
b (1) :  of the color of a white person's flesh
(2) :  giving the appearance of nudity <a nude dress>
c :  featuring nudes <a nude movie>
d :  frequented by naked people <a nude beach>
nude adverb
nude·ly adverb
nude·ness noun
nu·di·ty \ˈnü-də-tē, ˈnyü-\ noun

Examples of NUDE

  1. The artists sketched the nude model.
  2. <Picasso's paintings of nude art models.>

Origin of NUDE

Latin nudus naked — more at naked
First Known Use: 1531



: a painting, sculpture, etc., that shows a nude person

Full Definition of NUDE

a :  a representation of a nude human figure
b :  a nude person
:  the condition of being nude <in the nude>

Examples of NUDE

  1. the nudes of Greek sculpture
  2. <the artist painted some models in the nude>

First Known Use of NUDE



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