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adjective \ˈbld\

of a person : having no hair or very little hair on the head

of a part of the body : not covered with hair

: not covered with trees and plants

Full Definition of BALD

a :  lacking a natural or usual covering (as of hair, vegetation, or nap)
b :  having little or no tread <bald tires>
:  marked with white
:  lacking adornment or amplification <a bald assertion>
:  undisguised, palpable <bald arrogance>
bald·ish \ˈbl-dish\ adjective
bald·ly \ˈbl(d)-lē\ adverb
bald·ness \ˈbl(d)-nəs\ noun

Examples of BALD

  1. All of his uncles are completely bald.
  2. He had gone completely bald by the age of 30.
  3. He covered his bald head with a baseball cap.
  4. There's a bald spot on the top of his head.
  5. There are bald patches in the cat's fur.
  6. an old car with bald tires

Origin of BALD

Middle English balled; probably akin to Dan dialect bældet bald, Latin fulica coot, Greek phalios having a white spot, Old English ̄l fire, pyre
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of BALD

bare, naked, nude, bald, barren mean deprived of naturally or conventionally appropriate covering. bare implies the removal of what is additional, superfluous, ornamental, or dispensable <an apartment with bare walls>. naked suggests absence of protective or ornamental covering but may imply a state of nature, of destitution, or of defenselessness <poor half-naked children>. nude applies especially to the unclothed human figure <a nude model posing for art students>. bald implies actual or seeming absence of natural covering and may suggest a conspicuous bareness <a bald mountain peak>. barren often suggests aridity or impoverishment or sterility <barren plains>.

Rhymes with BALD



Definition of BALD

transitive verb
:  to make bald
intransitive verb
:  to become bald

First Known Use of BALD

BALD Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈbld\

Definition of BALD for Kids

:  lacking a natural covering (as of hair)
:  lacking extra details or exaggeration <a bald statement>
bald·ness noun
Medical Dictionary


adjective \ˈbld\

Medical Definition of BALD

:  lacking all or a significant part of the hair on the head or sometimes on other parts of the body
bald intransitive verb
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