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noun \ˈnīt\

Simple Definition of night

  • : the time of darkness between one day and the next : the part of the day when no light from the sun can be seen and most people and animals sleep

  • : the darkness that occurs during the nighttime

  • : the final part of the day that is usually after work, school, etc., and before you go to bed : the early part of the night

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of night

  1. 1 :  the time from dusk to dawn when no sunlight is visible

  2. 2 a :  an evening or night taken as an occasion or point of time <the opening night> b :  an evening set aside for a particular purpose

  3. 3 a :  the quality or state of being dark b :  a condition or period felt to resemble the darkness of night: as (1) :  a period of dreary inactivity or affliction (2) :  absence of moral values c :  the beginning of darkness :  nightfall


play \-ləs\ adjective

Examples of night in a sentence

  1. Who are you calling at this time of night?

  2. It's eleven o'clock at night.

  3. She and her husband both work at night and sleep during the day.

  4. The store's open all night.

  5. They were up all night long playing video games.

  6. Let's stop for the night and get a hotel.

  7. a cold, rainy night in the city

  8. I stayed up late five nights in a row.

  9. Last night, I had the strangest dream.

  10. Spend six nights and seven days on a tropical island in the Caribbean!

Origin and Etymology of night

Middle English, from Old English niht; akin to Old High German naht night, Latin noct-, nox, Greek nykt-, nyx

First Known Use: before 12th century

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Simple Definition of night

  • : of or relating to the night

  • : for use at night

  • : happening at night

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of night

  1. 1 :  of, relating to, or associated with the night <night air>

  2. 2 :  intended for use at night <a night lamp>

  3. 3 a :  existing, occurring, or functioning at night <night baseball> <a night nurse> b :  active or functioning best at night <night people>

Examples of night in a sentence

  1. He is taking a night flight.

  2. a night manager at the supermarket

  3. This is the last night bus.

Before 12th Century

First Known Use of night

before 12th century

NIGHT Defined for Kids


noun \ˈnīt\

Definition of night for Students

  1. 1 :  the time between dusk and dawn when there is no sunlight

  2. 2 :  the early part of the night :  nightfall <We go bowling every Friday night.>

  3. 3 :  the darkness of night <His eyes were black as night.>

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