new wave

new wave

noun, often capitalized N&W

: a movement in which a group of people introduce new styles or ideas in art, music, politics, etc.

New Wave : a style of rock music that was popular especially in the 1970s and 1980s, has a strong beat, and uses many electronic instruments (such as keyboards)

: a modern style of art, film, or fashion that tries to be very different or unusual often in a shocking way

Full Definition of NEW WAVE

:  a cinematic movement that is characterized by improvisation, abstraction, and subjective symbolism and that often makes use of experimental photographic techniques
:  a new movement in a particular field
:  popular music less raw than punk rock and typically including unconventional melodies, exaggerated beats, and quirky lyrics
:  dernier cri; especially :  fashion that is strikingly outrageous
new–wave \ˈnü-ˈwāv, ˈnyü-, -ˌwāv\ adjective
new wav·er \-ˈwā-vər\ noun

Examples of NEW WAVE

  1. people who listened to punk, New Wave, or disco

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