adverb \ˈhir\

: in this place : at this location

: to or into this place

: at this point in a process, activity, story, etc.

Full Definition of HERE

a :  in or at this place <turn here> —often used interjectionally especially in answering a roll call
b :  now <here it's morning already>
c :  in an arbitrary location <a book here, a paper there>
:  at or in this point, particular, or case <here we agree>
:  in the present life or state
:  hither <come here>
—used interjectionally in rebuke or encouragement
here goes
—used interjectionally to express resolution or resignation especially at the beginning of a difficult or unpleasant undertaking
neither here nor there
:  having no interest or relevance :  of no consequence <comfort is neither here nor there to a real sailor>

Examples of HERE

  1. I'm here to help you.
  2. They have lived here for 30 years.
  3. Hey, where are you? I'm over here.
  4. I'm planning to be back here by 6:00.
  5. I've come here to help you.
  6. He rode his bicycle here this morning.
  7. When will you get here?
  8. Here the author introduces a new character.
  9. The speaker paused here for a moment.
  10. Here the film changes from black-and-white to color.

Origin of HERE

Middle English, from Old English hēr; akin to Old High German hier here, Old English he
First Known Use: before 12th century



Definition of HERE

—used for emphasis especially after a demonstrative pronoun or after a noun modified by a demonstrative adjective <this book here>
nonstandard —used for emphasis after a demonstrative adjective but before the noun modified <this here book>

First Known Use of HERE

15th century



: this place

: this point

Full Definition of HERE

:  this place

First Known Use of HERE



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