noun nar·cot·ic \när-ˈkä-tik\

: a drug (such as cocaine, heroin, or marijuana) that affects the brain and that is usually dangerous and illegal

medical : a drug that is given to people in small amounts to make them sleep or feel less pain

Full Definition of NARCOTIC

a :  a drug (as opium or morphine) that in moderate doses dulls the senses, relieves pain, and induces profound sleep but in excessive doses causes stupor, coma, or convulsions
b :  a drug (as marijuana or LSD) subject to restriction similar to that of addictive narcotics whether physiologically addictive and narcotic or not
:  something that soothes, relieves, or lulls

Examples of NARCOTIC

  1. <an irradicable sense of self-righteousness seems to be the narcotic that inures these religious fanatics from any realization of the harm they have done>

Origin of NARCOTIC

Middle English narkotik, from Middle French narcotique, from narcotique, adjective, from Medieval Latin narcoticus, from Greek narkōtikos, from narkoun to benumb, from narkē numbness — more at snare
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Drug/Tobacco Terms

controlled, flake, herb, key, sodden



Definition of NARCOTIC

a :  having the properties of or yielding a narcotic
b :  inducing mental lethargy
:  of, induced by, or concerned with narcotics
:  of, involving, or intended for narcotic addicts
nar·cot·i·cal·ly \-ti-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Examples of NARCOTIC

  1. <some therapists believe that certain scents can have a narcotic effect on people>
  2. <the lecturer droned on in a narcotic monotone that eventually had the entire class struggling to stay awake>

First Known Use of NARCOTIC


Other Drug/Tobacco Terms

controlled, flake, herb, key, sodden


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