verb \ˈmyüz\

: to think about something carefully or thoroughly

: to think or say (something) in a thoughtful way


Full Definition of MUSE

intransitive verb
:  to become absorbed in thought; especially :  to turn something over in the mind meditatively and often inconclusively
archaic :  wonder, marvel
transitive verb
:  to think or say reflectively
mus·er noun

Examples of MUSE

  1. I could sell the house, she mused, but then where would I go?

Origin of MUSE

Middle English, from Anglo-French muser to gape, idle, muse, from Old French *mus mouth of an animal, from Medieval Latin musus
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of MUSE

ponder, meditate, muse, ruminate mean to consider or examine attentively or deliberately. ponder implies a careful weighing of a problem or, often, prolonged inconclusive thinking about a matter <pondered the course of action>. meditate implies a definite focusing of one's thoughts on something so as to understand it deeply <meditated on the meaning of life>. muse suggests a more or less focused daydreaming as in remembrance <mused upon childhood joys>. ruminate implies going over the same matter in one's thoughts again and again but suggests little of either purposive thinking or rapt absorption <ruminated on past disappointments>.



Definition of MUSE

:  a state of deep thought or dreamy abstraction

First Known Use of MUSE

15th century



Definition of MUSE

capitalized :  any of the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry and the arts and sciences
:  a source of inspiration; especially :  a guiding genius
:  poet

Origin of MUSE

Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin Musa, from Greek Mousa
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Mythology and Folklore Terms

elysian, fay, nimbus, phoenix
MUSE Defined for Kids


verb \ˈmyüz\

Definition of MUSE for Kids

:  to think about carefully or thoroughly :  ponder <She mused over what might have been.>


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