adjective mu·nif·i·cent \my-ˈni-fə-sənt\

: very generous

Full Definition of MUNIFICENT

:  very liberal in giving or bestowing :  lavish
:  characterized by great liberality or generosity
mu·nif·i·cence \-sən(t)s\ noun
mu·nif·i·cent·ly adverb

Examples of MUNIFICENT

  1. <a munificent host who has presided over many charitable events at his mansion>


back-formation from munificence, from Latin munificentia, from munificus generous, from munus service, gift — more at mean
First Known Use: 1581

Synonym Discussion of MUNIFICENT

liberal, generous, bountiful, munificent mean giving or given freely and unstintingly. liberal suggests openhandedness in the giver and largeness in the thing or amount given <a teacher liberal with her praise>. generous stresses warmhearted readiness to give more than size or importance of the gift <a generous offer of help>. bountiful suggests lavish, unremitting giving or providing <children spoiled by bountiful presents>. munificent suggests a scale of giving appropriate to lords or princes <a munificent foundation grant>.


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