verb \-ˈyüz\

: to use (something) incorrectly

: to treat (someone) unfairly

Full Definition of MISUSE

transitive verb
:  to use incorrectly :  misapply <misused his talents>
:  abuse, mistreat <misused his servants>
mis·us·er noun

Examples of MISUSE

  1. She's charged with misusing company funds.
  2. a word that is frequently misused

Origin of MISUSE

Middle English, partly from mis- + usen to use; partly from Middle French mesuser to abuse, from Old French, from mes- + user to use
First Known Use: 14th century


noun \-ˈyüs\

: the act of using something in an illegal, improper, or unfair way : incorrect use

Full Definition of MISUSE

:  incorrect or improper use :  misapplication

Examples of MISUSE

  1. No refunds will be offered on products damaged by misuse.
  2. <the warranty for this dryer is null and void if you subject the product to deliberate misuse>

First Known Use of MISUSE

14th century


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