verb min·i·mize \ˈmi-nə-ˌmīz\

: to make (something bad or not wanted) as small as possible

: to treat or describe (something) as smaller or less important than it is

computers : to make (a program's window) change to a very small form that takes almost no room on a computer's screen


Full Definition of MINIMIZE

transitive verb
:  to reduce or keep to a minimum
:  to underestimate intentionally :  play down, soft-pedal <minimizing losses in our own forces while maximizing those of the enemy>
:  to replace (a window) on a computer display with a small button or icon which will restore the window when selected
min·i·mi·za·tion \ˌmi-nə-mə-ˈzā-shən\ noun
min·i·miz·er \ˈmi-nə-ˌmī-zər\ noun

Examples of MINIMIZE

  1. We need to minimize the chance of error.
  2. The company will work to minimize costs.
  3. I don't want to minimize the contributions he has made to the company.
  4. During the interview, she minimized her weaknesses and emphasized her strengths.
  5. Please minimize all open windows.

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Rhymes with MINIMIZE

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MINIMIZED Defined for Kids


verb min·i·mize \ˈmi-nə-ˌmīz\

Definition of MINIMIZE for Kids

:  to make as small as possible <Safety rules minimized the risks.>
:  to treat or describe (something) as smaller or less important than it is <Don't minimize the impact of the discovery on science.>
:  to make (a program's window) change to a very small form that takes little room on a computer screen


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