noun \mēl-ˈyə(r), -ˈyü, -ˈyœ; ˈmēl-ˌyü\

: the physical or social setting in which people live or in which something happens or develops

plural mi·lieus or mi·lieux \-ˈyə(r)(z), -ˈyüz, -ˈyœ(z); -ˌyü(z)\

Full Definition of MILIEU

:  the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops :  environment

Examples of MILIEU

  1. <young, innovative artists thrive in the freewheeling milieu that a big city offers>
  2. Theirs was a bohemian milieu in which people often played romantic musical chairs. —Edmund White, New York Review of Books, 12 Feb. 2009

Origin of MILIEU

French, from Old French, midst, from mi middle (from Latin medius) + lieu place, from Latin locus — more at mid, stall
First Known Use: 1854


noun \mēl-ˈyə(r), -ˈyü; ˈmēl-ˌyü, mē-lyœ̅\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural milieus or mi·lieux \-ˈyə(r)(z), -ˈyüz; -ˌyü(z), -lyœ̅(z)\

Medical Definition of MILIEU


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