noun, mel·on often attributive \ˈme-lən\

: a large, round fruit that has a hard skin and sweet, juicy flesh

Full Definition of MELON

:  any of various typically sweet gourds (as a muskmelon or watermelon) usually eaten raw as fruits
:  something rounded like a melon: as
a :  the rounded organ in the front of the head of some cetaceans
b plural slang :  large breasts
a :  a surplus of profits available for distribution to stockholders
b :  a financial windfall

Origin of MELON

Middle English, from Middle French, from Late Latin melon-, melo, short for Latin melopepon-, melopepo, from Greek mēlopepōn, from mēlon apple + pepōn, an edible gourd — more at pumpkin
First Known Use: 14th century

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MELON Defined for Kids


noun mel·on \ˈme-lən\

Definition of MELON for Kids

:  a usually large fruit (as a watermelon or cantaloupe) that grows on a vine and has juicy sweet flesh and a hard rind
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