noun mar·ble \ˈmär-bəl\

: a kind of stone that is often polished and used in buildings and statues

: a little glass ball used in some children's games

marbles : a children's game played with little glass balls

Full Definition of MARBLE

a :  limestone that is more or less crystallized by metamorphism, that ranges from granular to compact in texture, that is capable of taking a high polish, and that is used especially in architecture and sculpture
b :  something (as a piece of sculpture) composed of or made from marble
c :  something suggesting marble (as in hardness, coldness, or smoothness) <a heart of marble>
a :  a little ball made of a hard substance (as glass) and used in various games
b plural but sing in constr :  any of several games played with these little balls
c plural :  the rewards to be won in competition especially for a championship —used in the phrase all the marbles <a game being played for all the marbles>
:  marbling
plural :  elements of common sense; especially :  sanity <persons who are born without all their marbles — Arthur Miller>
marble adjective

Examples of MARBLE

  1. The statue is made of marble.
  2. I love to play with marbles.

Origin of MARBLE

Middle English, from Anglo-French marbre, from Latin marmor, from Greek marmaros
First Known Use: 12th century

Rhymes with MARBLE


mar·bledmar·bling \-b(ə-)liŋ\

Definition of MARBLE

transitive verb
:  to give a veined or mottled appearance to <marble the edges of a book>

Examples of MARBLE

  1. <marble the paper with several different dyes to get a striking effect>

First Known Use of MARBLE

MARBLE Defined for Kids


noun mar·ble \ˈmär-bəl\

Definition of MARBLE for Kids

:  a type of limestone that is capable of taking a high polish and is used in architecture and sculpture
:  a little ball (as of glass) used in a children's game (marbles)
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