adjective man·i·fold \ˈma-nə-ˌfōld\

: many and various

Full Definition of MANIFOLD

a :  marked by diversity or variety
b :  many
:  comprehending or uniting various features :  multifarious
:  rightfully so-called for many reasons <a manifold liar>
:  consisting of or operating many of one kind combined <a manifold bellpull>
man·i·fold·ly \-ˌfōl(d)-lē\ adverb
man·i·fold·ness \-ˌfōl(d)-nəs\ noun

Examples of MANIFOLD

  1. The benefits of this approach are manifold.
  2. <the manifold attractions of that state make it an ideal destination for a family vacation>

Origin of MANIFOLD

Middle English, from Old English manigfeald, from manig many + -feald -fold
First Known Use: before 12th century



Definition of MANIFOLD

:  many times :  a great deal <will increase your blessings manifold>

First Known Use of MANIFOLD

before 12th century



Definition of MANIFOLD

transitive verb
:  to make manifold :  multiply
:  to make several or many copies of
intransitive verb
:  to make several or many copies

First Known Use of MANIFOLD

before 12th century



: a part of an engine that connects different pipes for moving fuel and air into the engine or for carrying gases away from the engine

Full Definition of MANIFOLD

:  something that is manifold: as
a :  a whole that unites or consists of many diverse elements <the manifold of aspirations, passions, frustrations — Harry Slochower>
b :  a pipe fitting with several lateral outlets for connecting one pipe with others; also :  a fitting on an internal combustion engine that directs a fuel and air mixture to or receives the exhaust gases from several cylinders
c :  set 21
d :  a topological space in which every point has a neighborhood that is homeomorphic to the interior of a sphere in Euclidean space of the same number of dimensions

First Known Use of MANIFOLD

13th century


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