adjective \ˈlü-səd\

: very clear and easy to understand

: able to think clearly

Full Definition of LUCID

a :  suffused with light :  luminous
b :  translucent <snorkeling in the lucid sea>
:  having full use of one's faculties :  sane
:  clear to the understanding :  intelligible
lu·cid·ly adverb
lu·cid·ness noun

Examples of LUCID

  1. He is able to recognize his wife in his lucid moments.
  2. <those lucid bands that spread across the arctic sky and are known as the northern lights>
  3. His lucid history of this grim subject is scrupulously accurate, so far as I am able to judge … —Richard A. Posner, New Republic, 8 Apr 2002

Origin of LUCID

Latin lucidus, from lucēre (see lucent)
First Known Use: 1591

Rhymes with LUCID


adjective \ˈlü-səd\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of LUCID

: having, showing, or characterized by an ability to think clearly and rationally
lu·cid·i·ty noun, plural lu·cid·i·ties


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