noun \ˈlüt\

: something that is stolen or taken by force

Full Definition of LOOT

:  goods usually of considerable value taken in war :  spoils
:  something held to resemble goods of value seized in war: as
a :  something appropriated illegally often by force or violence
b :  illicit gains by public officials
c :  money
:  the action of looting

Examples of LOOT

  1. After raiding the town, the soldiers helped themselves to any loot that they could find.
  2. The thieves got a lot of loot in the robbery.
  3. He made a lot of loot selling cars.

Origin of LOOT

Hindi & Urdu lūṭ; akin to Sanskrit luṇṭati he plunders
First Known Use: circa 1788

Related to LOOT

booty, pillage, plunder, spoil, swag
See Synonym Discussion at spoil



: to steal things from (a place, such as a store or house) during a war or after destruction has been caused by fire, rioting, etc.

Full Definition of LOOT

transitive verb
a :  to plunder or sack in war
b :  to rob especially on a large scale and usually by violence or corruption
:  to seize and carry away by force especially in war
intransitive verb
:  to engage in robbing or plundering especially in war
loot·er noun

Examples of LOOT

  1. The soldiers were looting every house that they came to.
  2. Soldiers swept through the territory, looting, burning, and killing.

First Known Use of LOOT



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