noun \ˈläj-mənt\

Definition of LODGMENT

a :  a lodging place :  shelter
b :  accommodations, lodgings <found lodgment in the city>
a :  the act, fact, or manner of lodging <a hut for temporary lodgment of cattlemen>
b :  a placing, depositing, or coming to rest
a :  an accumulation or collection deposited in a place or remaining at rest
b :  a place of rest or deposit

Variants of LODGMENT

lodg·ment or lodge·ment \ˈläj-mənt\

Examples of LODGMENT

  1. <the lodgment of a week's worth of newspapers in the doorway was a telltale sign that the family was away>
  2. <dismayed at the shabby lodgments that were the only option of cross-country travelers at the time>

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