noun \ˈlōb\

: a curved or rounded part of something (such as a leaf or a part of the body)

Full Definition of LOBE

:  a curved or rounded projection or division; specifically :  a usually somewhat rounded projection or division of a bodily organ or part

Examples of LOBE

  1. the frontal lobe of the brain

Origin of LOBE

Middle French, from Late Latin lobus, from Greek lobos
First Known Use: 1541

Rhymes with LOBE

LOBES Defined for Kids


noun \ˈlōb\

Definition of LOBE for Kids

:  a rounded part <a lobe of a leaf> <the lobe of the ear>
lobed \ˈlōbd\ adjective
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈlōb\

Medical Definition of LOBE

:  a curved or rounded projection or division: as a :  a more or less rounded projection of a body organ or part <the lobe of the ear> b :  a division of a body organ (as the brain, lungs, or liver) marked off by a fissure on the surface

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