adjective \ˈli-vəd\

: very angry

: having a dark purplish color

Full Definition of LIVID

:  discolored by bruising :  black-and-blue <the livid traces of the sharp scourges — Abraham Cowley>
:  ashen, pallid <this cross, thy livid face, thy pierced hands and feet — Walt Whitman>
:  reddish <a fan of gladiolas blushed livid under the electric letters — Truman Capote>
:  very angry :  enraged <was livid at his son's disobedience>
li·vid·i·ty \li-ˈvi-də-tē\ noun
liv·id·ness \ˈli-vəd-nəs\ noun

Examples of LIVID

  1. <the boss was livid when yet another deadline was missed>
  2. <her face was livid with fear>

Origin of LIVID

French livide, from Latin lividus, from livēre to be blue; akin to Welsh lliw color and probably to Russian sliva plum
First Known Use: 1622

Related to LIVID

angered, apoplectic, ballistic, cheesed off [chiefly British], choleric, enraged, foaming, fuming, furious, hopping, horn-mad, hot, incensed, indignant, inflamed (also enflamed), infuriate, infuriated, irate, ireful, angry, mad, outraged, rabid, rankled, riled, riley, roiled, shirty [chiefly British], sore, steamed up, steaming, teed off, ticked, wrathful, wroth
angerless, delighted, pleased

Other Color Terms

argentine, cerise, cerulean, cyan, ocher, perse, puce, taupe, vermilion


adjective \ˈliv-əd\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of LIVID

: discolored by bruising : black-and-blue


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