adjective \ˈa-rəd, ˈer-əd\

: very dry : having very little rain or water

: lacking in interest and life

Full Definition of ARID

:  excessively dry; specifically :  having insufficient rainfall to support agriculture
:  lacking in interest and life :  jejune
arid·i·ty \ə-ˈri-də-tē, a-\ noun
ar·id·ness \ˈa-rəd-nəs, ˈer-əd-\ noun

Examples of ARID

  1. a dull and arid textbook
  2. <an arid speech about duty and responsibility>

Origin of ARID

French or Latin; French aride, from Latin aridus, from arēre to be dry; akin to Sanskrit āsa ash, Old English asce
First Known Use: 1652

Related to ARID

boring, colorless, drab, dreary, drudging, dry, dull, dusty, flat, heavy, ho-hum, humdrum, jading, jejune, leaden, mind-numbing, monochromatic, monotonous, numbing, old, pedestrian, ponderous, slow, stale, stodgy, stuffy, stupid, tame, tedious, tiresome, tiring, uninteresting, wearisome, weary, wearying
absorbing, engaging, engrossing, gripping, interesting, intriguing, involving, riveting

Other Ecology Terms

Malthusian, anthropogenic, biomass, carbon footprint, crepuscular, niche, sere, symbiosis, taiga, tundra


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