noun \ə-ˈzāl-yə\

: a type of bush that has colorful flowers that bloom in the spring

Full Definition of AZALEA

:  any of a subgenus (Azalea) of rhododendrons with funnel-shaped corollas and usually deciduous leaves including many species and hybrid forms cultivated as ornamentals

Origin of AZALEA

New Latin, genus name, from Greek, feminine of azaleos dry, from azein to parch, dry; akin to Hittite ḫat- to dry up and probably to Latin ador emmer
First Known Use: 1760

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any plant of certain species of the genus Rhododendron (heath family), formerly given the generic name Azalea. Though some gardeners consider azaleas distinct from rhododendrons, distinguishing characteristics of the two groups are not consistent enough to separate them into two genera. Azaleas typically are deciduous (see deciduous tree), with flowers that are funnel-shaped, somewhat two-lipped, and often fragrant. Cultivated varieties have been bred from species native to the hilly regions of Asia and North America. Well-known North American kinds include the smooth, or sweet, azalea (R. arborescens); the flame azalea (R. calendulaceum); and the pinxter flower (R. periclymenoides).


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