adverb \ˈlīt-lē\

: with little weight or force

: without care or concern : in a way that is not serious

: in a quick and graceful way

Full Definition of LIGHTLY

:  in a light manner: as
a :  with little weight or force :  gently
b :  with indifference or carelessness :  unconcernedly <the problem should not be passed over lightly — Shelly Halpern>
c :  with little difficulty :  easily
d :  gaily, cheerfully
e :  in an agile manner :  nimbly, swiftly <the cat leapt lightly onto the table>
f :  in a small degree or amount <lightly salted food>

Examples of LIGHTLY

  1. He talks lightly about the problems he's been having at work.
  2. She moved lightly across the room.
  3. These vegetables can be eaten either raw or lightly cooked.
  4. Our troops were armed too lightly to take on the heavily armed invaders.
  5. Considering the harm he did, he's gotten off lightly with only a warning.
  6. The judge let her off lightly with a short sentence.

First Known Use of LIGHTLY

before 12th century


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