noun leth·ar·gy \ˈle-thər-jē\

: a lack of energy or a lack of interest in doing things : a lethargic feeling or state

Full Definition of LETHARGY

:  abnormal drowsiness
:  the quality or state of being lazy, sluggish, or indifferent

Examples of LETHARGY

  1. Symptoms of the disease include loss of appetite and lethargy.
  2. I snapped out of my lethargy and began cleaning the house.
  3. However, on arrival, a mysterious illness had debilitated Darcus Bowden. An illness that no doctor could find any physical symptoms of, but which manifested itself in the most incredible lethargy, creating in Darcus … a lifelong affection for the dole, the armchair, and British television. —Zadie Smith, White Teeth, 2001

Origin of LETHARGY

Middle English litargie, from Medieval Latin litargia, from Late Latin lethargia, from Greek lēthargia, from lēthargos forgetful, lethargic, irregular from lēthē
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of LETHARGY

lethargy, languor, lassitude, stupor, torpor mean physical or mental inertness. lethargy implies such drowsiness or aversion to activity as is induced by disease, injury, or drugs <months of lethargy followed my accident>. languor suggests inertia induced by an enervating climate or illness or love <languor induced by a tropical vacation>. lassitude stresses listlessness or indifference resulting from fatigue or poor health <a depression marked by lassitude>. stupor implies a deadening of the mind and senses by shock, narcotics, or intoxicants <lapsed into an alcoholic stupor>. torpor implies a state of suspended animation as of hibernating animals but may suggest merely extreme sluggishness <a once alert mind now in a torpor>.

Other Medicine Terms

analgesia, angina, diabetes, hepatitis, homeopathy, logorrhea, palliate, pandemic
Medical Dictionary


noun leth·ar·gy \ˈleth-ər-jē\
plural leth·ar·gies

Medical Definition of LETHARGY

:  abnormal drowsiness
:  the quality or state of being lazy, sluggish, or indifferent
lethargic adjective


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